The fundamental principle behind financial stewardship at Presbydan is God wants something for you, not something from you.


We want you to experience the joy that God grants to His children when they place their trust in Him. God promises to provide peace and provision for His faithful stewards; not everything we want, but everything we need. Even in times of crisis, we encourage you to invest faithfully in the mission of His church and become partners in His great mission of restoration.

Through Stewardship we are specifically able to provide our congregation:

  • Christian Formation Classes; 

  • Worship and faith formation materials for young children and their families to use at home;

  • Special family events with crafts, food and fellowship;

  • Connection and support for our youth during these challenging times;

  • Programs centered around enlightening children;

  • Live streaming of Worship services for those wanting to attend but physically are not capable;

  • Zoom offerings to keep people connected through faith formation classes, affinity groups, worship, and other ministries; and

  • Pastoral care and meaningful connections with members.

Holding Hands

In addition to our own nurture and growth, we will also will be able to serve our neighbors:

  • The establishment of a ministry with people who suffer from severe mental illness and their families;

  • A community garden for those in need

  • Ongoing monthly meals for hungry families;

  • Meals for Arnold Tower and Rall Place residents;

  • Ongoing micro-loans to people in developing countries to start their own business or further their education;

  • Women's Domestic Violence Shelter;

  • Water and filtration systems for developing  countries in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico;

  • Multipurpose use of the church building for AA, NA, Scouts, ALANON, and other meeting needs.

Your stewardship commitment will enable us to continue to provide meaningful ways to worship God, grow in our faith, and serve our neighbors near and far. Giving also enables us to nurture and help grow the faith of our congregation.


We are grateful for your faithfulness and for all that God will do in and through us!