Sunday School 


Godly Play

Godly Play is our Sunday School program for children ages 3 through 5th grade. It focuses on Biblical storytelling, encourages children to explore the story, ask questions, and respond creatively, and also prepares children for participating in worship. This class meets upstairs on the 2nd Floor of the Christian Education Wing, in the Children's Assembly Room.


Feasting on the Word

(Grades 6-12: Fellowship Hall)

Designed to help youth explore their personal and communal identity in Jesus Christ, Feasting on the Word is a lectionary-based Bible study that follows the readings we hear in worship each week. Biblical stories will come alive in new and creative ways, and youth will be challenged to put their faith into action as they grow to understand themselves as Christ’s disciples.for breakfast and then break into middle and high school groups for discussion.


A Cloud of Witnesses: Presbyterians Investigate Our Past

(Room 120: September 15 - October 27)

As part of the Session's commitment to study the role of the church in relation to slavery and segregation, Centre history professor Dr. Tara Strauch will begin with this a six- part series designed to help us explore the broader history of the Presbyterian Church and the ways in which have interacted with the world over the past three centuries.

Hebrews 12:1 tells us that we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses—of the faithful in the past and present. Throughout this class, we will consider what lessons we should learn from the faithful that came before us and the inheritance they have left us. Topics include Presbyterians and the American Revolution, the Second Great Awakening, Slavery, and World Missions. 

Bible Study: Living Word

(Chapel: ongoing)

Facilitated by Mark Tibbles, Living Word is a lectionary-based Bible study. Discussion revolves around themes found in scripture and how those themes can be applied to life, faith, and spiritual journeys.

Book Study: The End of White Christian America 

(Room 122: September 15 - October 13)

We begin the year with The End of White Christian America. Public Religion Research Institute CEO Robert Jones draws on findings from a large survey database to show how today’s controversies can be understood only in the context of a changing racial, religious, and cultural landscape. Centre sociology professor Dr. Beau Weston will facilitate this four-week discussion of the book, which can be purchased in the church office for $5.00.

Prayer Group and Card Ministry

(Conference Room next to the Pastor's Office: ongoing)

Together we send cards to and pray for people who are experiencing difficulties, grieving the loss of a loved one, or celebrating a significant event.