August 5, 2020
Dear Friends,

As we enter the sixth month of the pandemic, I'm keenly aware of how our "new normal" is challenging the way we think of ourselves. For months, much of the public attention has been focused on the lack of employment, housing, food and access to health care, and rightly so. We can't survive without being able to meet our most basic needs. 

But, in many of the conversations I have been having lately, I also hear folks wrestling with an existential crisis. Who am I and what is my purpose in life?  

Some of us have too much time on our hands, while others never seem to have enough. Some are desperate for a reprieve from the 24/7 togetherness of family life, while others long to welcome friends and family into their empty homes. Some are struggling to balance their responsibilities for work and parenting and others wonder if they still have anything useful to contribute. Some are having to re-invent themselves and learn new skills to adapt, while others feel as though they are being left behind. 

As I think about what I'm wrestling with during this pandemic, I am grateful for Sean's sermon last Sunday, in which he explored the story of Jacob wrestling with God. He reminded us that we are not alone in our wrestling, and of the possibility (even likelihood?) that we will receive a blessing if we can only hold on through the night.

What are you wrestling with? Do you need some strength to hold on? 

If you would like someone to listen to you or walk with you in your wrestling, please know that we have folks in our congregation who are ready and willing to be there for you. Our Stephen Ministers are trained for such a time as this, and we would be glad to connect you with someone who will walk with you, one-on-one and confidentially. To learn more about this possibility, call Alice Davis at 859-583-5995 or Caroline Kelly at 404-396-6851. 

With gratitude and hope,



Worship Online Together

While we are currently not meeting together in person, technology allows us to meet together virtually. Sean will be hosting an online worship gathering this Sunday, using Zoom:

9:45am     ‘Virtual narthex’ – gather to greet each other
10:00am    Worship – Sean will stream the service and screenshare so all can
10:45am    ‘Virtual fellowship hall’ – a time to reflect on the sermon and chat

All are welcome to participate on Sunday, using this link:

To join by phone, dial 646 558 8656,
and enter the meeting ID when prompted: 856 5366 5482



Confederate Monument Relocation Fund

 We have been actively working with the City of Danville on the monument relocation, including identifying and surveying the site and designing a new foundation for the monument. The cost to relocate the monument and prepare the new site, plus contingency funds, is estimated at $55,000. Currently, we have gifts of $16,995 and pledges of $9,700 for a total of  $26,695. 



Caring for Our Community

The Kentucky Blood Center is holding a blood drive here  at The Presbyterian Church, in the gym, Saturday August  29th. To make an appointment to give blood click here.  


News from our Global Partner: Zoe Empowers

'Favor Luuma Empowerment Group, Kenya, July 2018 – June 2021
Partnered with Pisgah, Danville, Maxwell Street, Versailles, and Beaumont Presbyterian Churches'

Emily and her siblings lost both parents to HIV-related complications within one year. This was a big blow to the household and especially to Emily since she was the most responsible child in the family.  It was not easy for Emily to provide for the entire family, bearing in mind that she was still a child herself who needed to be guided. She did casual jobs in order to place food on the table for the entire family.  Then, Zoe Empowers entered her life!  With her grant from Zoe, Emily was able to open a convenience store.  In just one year of operation, Emily is making enough to put food on the table for her siblings and herself and send her siblings back to school. 

The members of the Zoe Empowers group that your generous donations help to sponsor will graduate from the 3-year program in 2021 prepared to lead independent lives.



Vacation Bible School


This is week four of our virtual VBS Compassion Camp.  Last week we learned how loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves helps us show love and compassion to others.  This week we are learning how compassion helps us be present with others.  To help us care for ourselves, last week we made inspirational paper chains with each link listing something positive about ourselves, and we took time to do something we really enjoy.  If you would like to know more about Compassion Camp, please contact Amy Wilson at



This Week's Zoom Meetings


Wednesday, August 5th
4:00 pm Virtual VBS with Amy Wilson 
Meeting ID: 897 2980 4005
Passcode: 281732

8:00 pm High school and middle school devotion 

9:00 pm College student devotions

Thursday, August 6th
6:30 pm Virtual VBS with Amy Wilson 
Meeting ID: 841 3894 9970
Passcode: 998576

Friday, August 7th
10:00 am Book Study on TEN with Sean Gladding

Sunday, August 9th
9:45 am Virtual Narthex, Worship and Fellowship with Sean Gladding

To join by phone, dial 646 558 8656,
and enter the meeting ID when prompted: 856 5366 5482