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World Mission Update

A new wave of hope is blowing over the DR Congo, according to Dr. Serge Mahalo, director of the Institut Medical Chretien du Kasai and Good Shepherd Hospital.   Schools have resumed, markets have reopened and people are returning to a more normal way of life.


Yet the years of fighting have traumatized people, and the hospital struggles financially from the burden of unpaid bills of the many hundreds of wounded victims treated at Good Shepherd.  So even if the DRC and Kasai Province enjoy a certain stability, Dr. Mahalo notes, the IMCK and GSH require much support for its healing ministries.


Four areas of need currently are:

  • Medical: another surgeon; training for specialized services; diagnostic equipment

  • Education: simulation equipment for the medical classes; college library materials; scholarship

  • Public Health: support for the care of malnourished children

  • Hydroelectricity: replacement parts, especially for the water pump and piping

Our congregation has supported Good Shepherd Hospital/IMCK for many years as part of our World Mission commitments.  Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts.


For photographs and the full IMCK December newsletter, click here.

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