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We gather for fellowship weekly on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings and on special occasions throughout the year.


Weekly: Wednesday Night Fellowship meals for all ages, Sunday fellowship hour between worship services, and Sunday night youth fellowship.


Special: Gatherings to welcome the seasons of Lent and Advent, to make Christmas crafts, share Easter breakfast, welcome the Spring season, and celebrate Halloween.

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Care & Support

Care & Support

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Stephen Ministry

Our Stephen Ministry, part of a national organization, provides our congregation with the structure, training and resources to set up and administer a complete system for lay caring ministry. In Stephen Ministry congregations, lay caregivers (called Stephen Ministers) provide one-to-one, confidential Christian care to the bereaved, hospitalized, terminally ill, separated, divorced, unemployed, relocated and others facing a crisis or life challenge. Stephen Ministry helps pastors and congregations provide quality caring ministry for as long as people need it.

Since its founding in 2000, 44 members of our congregation have been trained and served as Stephen Ministers, giving care to more than 70 adults facing life challenges.

For more information, go to the Stephen Ministries National Website.

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