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Connect With Realm

With Realm, and the associated Realm Connect App, Church members can log on anytime from anywhere to update their information, upload their profile pictures, check their giving histories, indicate personal interests and skills, and easily connect to other members and groups with direct messaging. It also serves as a secondary, online directory that will be updated in real time by staff and congregants. Group leaders can also track attendance and communicate with their group, manage events, and update the group’s roster with their personal smart device.

Find the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

To learn more about Realm, check out these short videos below.


How To Get Started:

  1. Contact the Church office to receive an invitation by email. The number is 859-236-6692.

  2. The email will come from Follow the instructions to activate your account.

  3. Then, log in at and update your profile.

  4. Next, download the Realm Connect App* on your smart phone for easy access.

There are two ways to use Realm:


2.  Download the app

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

For the full list of FAQs, click here

Q: What is the difference between my primary phone number/email and my secondary ones?

A: Your primary phone number and email is associated with all church-related communications. They will also be displayed if you choose privacy settings which allow others to see them. Having a secondary phone or email available to staff is a helpful backup if it isn’t possible to reach you with your primary contacts.

Q: Can I hide my information from everyone? Or can I make only certain things viewable?

A: The default privacy setting is to allow group leaders and fellow members of the groups you are part of to see your contact information, groups, interests, etc. If you’d prefer a different setting, you can hide all your information from general users by selecting “Staff Only” in your privacy settings, or you can allow everyone in PCD’s Realm to see it. If you just want to hide some things (ex: address) but not others (ex: phone number) use the Custom Privacy Settings feature.

Q: Can other people or staff members see my giving history and pledges? 

A: No. Only you and the business office have access to your giving history and pledges

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