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World Mission Ministry

In response to Jesus’ commission to “go into all the world”, our World Mission Team directs the church’s ministries to ways in which we can partner with our brothers and sisters in Christ in many parts of the globe.  Our intent is not to dispense charity, but rather to empower people to improve their quality of life in a sustainable way.  Some of these partnerships include:

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Support of the Mission of the PCUSA

This includes the functioning of our Presbytery (Transylvania), Synod (Synod of Living Waters) and General Assembly.  Funds are used for operations as well as local and world ministries, including support of our long-term missionaries abroad. Learn more at



This microfinance organization loans funds to people in developing countries who have no access to conventional loans needed for starting a business, funding an education, and other activities that help them become self-sufficient.  An initial investment from our operating budget has nearly tripled, as the loans are repaid and then reinvested.  Learn more at


Living Waters for the World

We believe that clean water is a basic human right; yet many areas of the world struggle to have access to clean water, and millions of people die each year from water-borne disease – most of them children under the age of five.  This ministry of trains and equips congregational mission teams to install clean water systems in developing countries, and to educate those communities about the proper use of clean water.  The Presbyterian Church of Danville is actively engaged in this ministry, having installed many of these systems in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico since 2003.  Many of our congregants have traveled with these mission teams, and many more have supported with financial support and with prayer.  Learn more at


Mission Co-workers in South Sudan

In this war-ravaged, impoverished struggling nation, PCUSA is offering support through Nancy and Shelvis Smith-Mather, who have served there for several years.  We have a developing relationship with this family, and provide some financial support for their ministry. Learn more at:


ZOE Empowers​

“From beggar to Boss” describes this amazing program, which organizes unprivileged children in East Africa into “families,” who learn to create and sustain small businesses in their communities.  Together with three other churches in our presbytery, we sponsor a “family” in Kenya, and has assumed the name. The success rate of this ministry is astounding, and it has lifted thousands of children from poverty.  Learn more at:


Ministry in Madagascar

Mamisoa Rakatomalala is a Malagasy pastor, ordained by the national church (FJKM) and serving 14 congregations in that poverty-stricken nation.  She is currently studying for an advanced degree in congregational leadership training at Columbia Seminary (Decatur, GA), and plans to return to her country to empower churches in developing internal leadership skills.  Mamisoa has visited with our congregation several times, and we have nurtured a warm relationship with her and her family.

Dalit Children in India

Four Dalit (‘untouchable’) children in India receive direct support from this church through Witnessing Ministries of Christ, enabling them to be fed, clothed and educated.  These precious children of God, through education, are being saved from the degradation of the caste system.  Learn more at


Good Shepherd Hospital, Dem. Rep. of Congo

This hospital is the primary health care facility of IMCK (Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai), the major medical teaching institution in this nation.  We support both patient care and medical training in this Congolese Presbyterian institution. Learn more at:

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Recent years have brought a number of natural disasters in this country and around the world.  Through support of our denomination’s disaster assistance program, as well as by sending people for on-site work teams, we have helped to alleviate the suffering from these tragedies.  Learn more at   


Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Our church has sponsored several refugee families, providing them with a place to live and assistance in assimilating into the community.  We have enabled families from Bosnia, Iraq, Liberia and Syria to have a new, safe beginning in the U.S.  Learn  more at

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

LPTS has its roots right here in Danville, where it was established in 1853, operating primarily on the site of the present Centre College.  In 1893, LPTS was founded, and the two seminaries merged into the Louisville campus.  With a fine reputation for the education of clergy of several denominations, as well as Christian educators and counselors, LPTS is one of ten PCUSA seminaries in the country, and the only one within our Synod of Living Waters.  The seminary is now tuition-free, making it more possible for new pastors to serve our smaller churches.  Learn more at:


Bread for the World

Understanding that even while we offer direct support to the needs of the world, we must also attack the systemic causes of poverty and social injustice, this church actively supports Bread for the World, an organization that raises a strong voice in Washington D.C. on behalf of legislations that affect our global policies.  Learn more at


Special Offerings

Our denomination sponsors four annual “Special Offerings” that support various domestic and international ministries.  This church participates in all of these offerings annually, providing thousands of dollars of assistance to these programs.  Learn more at

Presbyterian Hunger Program

Our members give generously through the monthly PCUSA “Centsability” offering, a large portion of which funds our local “Soups on Us” program.  The offering also supports the Presbyterian Hunger Program that supports food initiatives in the US and around the world. Learn more at: 

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